317916_479049412153022_464064430_nEytan at Brooklyn Strategist for Unboxing of Gygax Magazine

I was at the premiere event this past Saturday for Gygax Magazine. Fun was had, prizes were won, and merry was made!!

Eytan and Foreshadows

Eytan ForeshadowsFriend and conspirator Jeff Lasala has been kind enough to give me a little shoutout on his own webpage. He mentions my work on an upcoming Foreshadows story (novella perhaps?) called Detroy.Consume.Erase. It will be like other Foreshadows stories in that it has original fiction, music, and artwork. I am in the video linked on the page and there’s more info in questions 4 and 5.


Also, an image of me from the video.

Writing Update

I’ve written the first chapter of my untitled Urban Fantasy novel. I’m still hammering out some POV issues, so it’s slow-going, but I’m exciting about where it’s headed.

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