Urban Fantasy Novel at 32,000 Words + Other Stuff

I know there are a lot of people out there that write fiction faster than I do. In general, I consider myself a fairly fast writer, but my full-time job is as an editor in educational publishing, so I can only write when I’m not doing that. At the moment, I’m averaging 3,000-7,000 words of fiction a week. I know the novel will get done eventually. I’ve written some scenes that I think have incredible potential, though just about everything needs one of those awesome baking-soda-mint blasting machines orthodontists and dentists use to polish your teeth.

In other news, working on some things I can’t talk about right now for a couple of things for a couple of different companies. I can say that they are RPG related, one in the general sphere of D&D and the other somewhat more system independent. My Foreshadows Novelette – “Destroy.Consume.Erase.” – should be any imminently (wink, nudge, push, Jeff LaSala).

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