Gen Con Gaymers Seminar

Gen Con has posted for sign-up my Industry Insider panel “Gaymers” on Friday from 11:00-12:00 in ICC 210.

I’m still figuring out the best way to organize and structure the seminar. I’m thinking of having most of the time be devoted to two things: allowing people to share experiences as gaymers and describing gayming organizations (both by me and those in attendance). I’d like to have on hand as much literature from LGBTQ… organizations as possible.

I’m very interested in hearing suggestions on what people think would be a good use of this time. Also, please share this wherever appropriate, to encourage people to show up and also so that I can get literature and links to LGBTQ… gayming organizations. I’d like to put together some sort of shareable document or handout for the event.

About Eytan Bernstein

40. Bay Area-based writer/editor/RPG designer.
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2 Responses to Gen Con Gaymers Seminar

  1. elijahi says:

    How did this one go? Just came across this listing – i had a day pass and missed the Friday event. Thanks, Elijah in Chicago

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