See below for interviews, podcasts, and other press for Eytan. If you would like to interview me for any reason, please see contact information on the contact page.

Candlekeep forums – I have a scroll on Candlekeep where he answers questions asked by Forgotten Realms fans.

The Tome Show 25 – Eytan participated in an episode of the Tome Show, an RPG podcast conducted by the amazing Jeff Greiner.

The Tome Show 86 – I joined Jeff for another episode of the Tome Show, this one focused on gaming advice.

The Tome Show Gen Con 2015  – The Tome Show posted audio for two of my Kobold Press panels. – Jeff LaSala’s website. Includes info about me and my participation in Foreshadows, a cyberpunk multimedia anthology.

Foreshadows at Gen Con Video – I helped out the Foreshadows guys at Gen Con and am featured in their video.

Gamerati – I wrote a piece for Ed Healy’s Gamerati about how I broke into the gaming industry.

Red Aegis Announcement – Matt and Brian James announced that I will be joining the Red Aegis team as a writer/designer.

Red Aegis Kickstarter – The Red Aegis Kickstarter.

Kobold Press – My articles up on the Kobold Press site.

Ronin Roundtable – My Mutants & Masterminds short story featuring Kid Robot is mentioned in a post by Jaym Gates about upcoming Nisaba Press fiction.

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