Looking for beta readers

I’m getting relatively close to finished with a first draft of an urban fantasy novel with strong LGBTQ themes, as well as themes of diversity and general geekery.
I’m not 100% sure of exactly when I’ll be done: perhaps 3-6 weeks. I’m hoping to find beta readers who are interested this genre. It will be my first novel, and there is no publisher lined up waiting to publish it, so feedback will be very helpful in determining what’s working and what’s not; what people enjoy and what they don’t enjoy; if anything related to diversity and inclusivity didn’t come come across as I’d hoped; and so on.
Feel free to share this, or even paste it elsewhere, I don’t mind. If someone expresses interest, just forward them to me. If you’re interested, please email me, message me, or contact me through this site.
As to compensation, I’m not exactly rolling in riches, but I can offer two things. If and when the novel gets published, anyone who is a beta reader will be thanked at the beginning. In addition, I will be happy to act as a beta reader in return for anyone who participates, or to act as a sounding board/consultant for RPG products [to a reasonable extent] (for people who need help developing an RPG or refining their idea). I am certainly far more qualified an RPG designer, developer, and editor than I am as a novelist.
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Urban fantasy novel update

My urban fantasy novel is at 67,000 words. I think my first draft should be finished in a few weeks. Woot!

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Red Aegis Has Been Sighted in the Wild

Hardcover copies of Red Aegis have arrived in mailboxes. 16427799_10211578133793832_3935004875551215045_n

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Issue #6 of Gygax Magazine is Out

Gygax Magazine #6 is out and I wrote an article about ritual magic (with some 5e goodies in it). Check it out here.

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The Tome Show Has Posted Audio for Two of My Gen Con Panels (Kobold Press)

The Tome Show has posted audio recordings for two of my tome show panels, both with Kobold Press:

Campaign Tune Up (with Brandon Hodge)

Combat Tune Up (with Wolfgang Baur)

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Shadows of the Dusk Queen Now Available

Shadows of the Dusk Queen is Now Available. I did the editing on this one for Kobold Press.

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Gen Con Gaymers Seminar

Gen Con has posted for sign-up my Industry Insider panel “Gaymers” on Friday from 11:00-12:00 in ICC 210.

I’m still figuring out the best way to organize and structure the seminar. I’m thinking of having most of the time be devoted to two things: allowing people to share experiences as gaymers and describing gayming organizations (both by me and those in attendance). I’d like to have on hand as much literature from LGBTQ… organizations as possible.

I’m very interested in hearing suggestions on what people think would be a good use of this time. Also, please share this wherever appropriate, to encourage people to show up and also so that I can get literature and links to LGBTQ… gayming organizations. I’d like to put together some sort of shareable document or handout for the event.

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My Gen Con Schedule

Below are the Gen Con events I will be at this year. These are only the events I am participating in as a moderator or panelist. I will be at plenty of other events as an attendee, participant, or gamer.

SEM1580482 – Proper Pitching & Promoting Yourself – Thursday, 7/30, 1:00 PM (ICC, 210). Want to get your work published? Learn about presentation, interview skills, networking, use of email & social media as tools, elevator pitches, how to make an opportunity when there isn’t one & more! This is an Industry Insider Featured Presenter Panel.

SEM1573715 – Freelancing 201 Panel: Advanced Topics – Thursday 7/30, 6:00 PM (Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A). Looking for ways to make your combats quicker, smoother, and more descriptive? The Kobolds will show you how, or die trying! This is a Kobold Press seminar.

SEM1580469 – Gaymers – Friday, 7/31, 11:00 AM (ICC 210). Gaymers have been around as long as gaming has, but they are only now becoming mainstream. Learn about gayming organizations & get involved in supporting equality & diversity in our hobby. This is an Industry Insider Featured Presenter Panel, and I will be going solo (wish me luck!)

SEM1580463 – Diversity in Gaming – Friday, 7/31, 2:00 PM (ICC 210). Discrimination ordinances, Gamergate, & the expanding Geek culture emphasize the importance of diversity. This is an opportunity to brainstorm how we can make gaming more welcoming for everyone. This is an Industry Insider Featured Presenter Panel.

SEM1573705 – Running Better Combats – Friday, 7/31, 4:00 PM (Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Bllrm D). Looking for ways to make your combats quicker, smoother, and more descriptive? The Kobolds will show you how, or die trying! This is a Kobold Press seminar.

SEM1573721 – Campaign Mechanic: Tune Up Your Table – Friday, 7/31, 5:00 PM (Crowne Plaza : Grand Central Bllrm D). Having trouble with your game? Is combat clunky? Are NPCs not memorable? Are your campaigns stalling out? Join us to discuss the best methods to keep your table running smoothly. This is a Kobold Press seminar.

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I was accepted as an Industry Insider at Gen Con this year.

The title pretty much says it all. I’m stoked. Expect info in the next few weeks on which events I’ll be at.

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Make it clear that Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill is Unacceptable to Gen Con Attendees

This year at Gen Con, those of us socializing, eating, drinking, laughing, gaming, and networking at restaurants and other businesses are faced with a new reality: those restaurants might turn us away based on “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

The Gen Con Gaymers offer little ribbons declaring support for equality, and hold various events. Whether you do it through them or find your own way, I encourage people to make it clear to the Indiana government and any in the city of Indianapolis who sees you that this is unacceptable. Of course, it is not these individual business owners who made this decision, but they will now have the right to act based on it. I don’t think it’s likely that any will be unwise enough to do this during the convention, but they could, and that is frightening.

You can write to the governor, members of their state government, and even to local businesses. You can wear a little equality symbol. You can even ask business owners up front if they welcome all customers. I’m almost tempted to suggest an organized protest of the bill at Gen Con, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

We can take heart in that the Gen Con leadership has made it very clear that they welcome all Con goers, and that they are dismayed by these developments (http://www.wthr.com/story/28603977/gen-con-ceo-rethinking-indiana-as-host-site-if-religious-freedom-bill-becomes-law).

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