Retooling Site Menus

I realized that it was hard to understand parts of my Game Design & Editing menus. I have a hover menu where if you hovered over Wizards of the Coast, additional subdivisions would pop up, such as Print Game Design. But if you actually clicked on Wizards of the Coast, you wouldn’t get anything other than a blank placeholder page. The same is true for my Silven page. So now, both of those pages contain links that would send you to the appropriate sub-pages.

And if none of this makes any sense to you, completely ignore it 🙂

Expanding Net Presence

In addition to restarting my website, I’m trying to be more visible on major gaming forums. I don’t want to comment for its own sake and post just because I can, but at the same time, a post or two each day keeps you in the minds of fans, players, and other creators. So I’ve freshened up my accounts at, Candlekeep,, and ENWorld. Anyone have any ideas about other places where I might join and post?

Posting is now working

I’m not sure why it’s working again, but it wasn’t for a little while. Maybe the change in domain name is what made the difference.

You may not have noticed, but the site changed from to, though typing in either of those two addresses will lead to the same .com page.

Playing With Meta Tags

Eytan Bernstein. Eytan Bernstein. Don’t you just love Eytan Bernstein. Isn’t Eytan Bernstein the greatest Eytan Bernstein you’ve ever met? Hopefully, Eytan Bernstein has written Eytan Bernstein enough times on my website to move it to the front of the search results because Eytan Bernstein is not paying enough money for proper SEO optimization.

Mapping to .com address

I have an address through GoDaddy. I am in the process of mapping the addresses so that if someone types in or, they will get me.

Silven and Goodman Games Populated

I’ve populated the menus for Silven Publishing and Goodman Games. I also added in an original header image from my trip to Japan back in 2007. If anyone has tips on how to add links to images in a slideshow or gallery, please let me know. I think this would add a great deal to the website.

Wizards Work Uploaded

I am still feeling my way through WordPress. I uploaded a bunch of cover images for work I did on WotC books. I’m going to add links to the products sometime soon.

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