See below for interviews, podcasts, and other press for Eytan. If you would like to interview me for any reason, please see contact information on the contact page.

Candlekeep forums – I have a scroll on Candlekeep where he answers questions asked by Forgotten Realms fans.

The Tome Show 25 – I participated in an episode of the Tome Show, an RPG podcast conducted by the amazing Jeff Greiner.

The Tome Show 86 – I joined Jeff for another episode of the Tome Show, this one focused on gaming advice.

The Tome Show Gen Con 2015  – The Tome Show posted audio for two of my Kobold Press panels.

Foreshadows at Gen Con Video – I helped out the Foreshadows guys at Gen Con and am featured in their video.

Kobold Press – My articles up on the Kobold Press site.

Ronin Roundtable – My Mutants & Masterminds short story featuring Kid Robot is mentioned in a post by Jaym Gates about upcoming Nisaba Press fiction.

Queer Sci Fi  2018 My flash fiction story “Fangs & Floss” is featured in the 2018 Impact Anthology. It was also chosen by the judges as an honorable mention in their flash fiction contest. The anthology will be available July 25th.

Queer Sci Fi 2019 – My story “Jace vs. the Incubi” is featured in the 2019 Migration Anthology. 

Queer Sci fi 2021 – My Story “I Never Knew” is featured in the 2021 Ink Anthology. It was also chosen as one of five Judges Choices, the favorite stories by the judges. 

2019 Ennie Awards– Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5E won the Gold Ennie for Best Monster/Adversary. Erik Scott de Bie and I edited this book, so we’re really proud of this. It’s also the first book I’ve worked on in any capacity that was nominated for (or won) an Ennie.

2021 Ennie Nominations – Planet Apocalypse is nominated for 3 Ennies this year, including Best Monster/Adversary and Best Writing. Erik Scott de Bie and I edited this book and are very proud of it. 


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