Urban fantasy novel at 40,000 words

I keep chugging along, slowly but surely. I think that’s the key to finishing this. I can’t write so furiously that I get burnt out. If you write small amounts regularly, its easier to maintain your tone and pacing than if you write a huge amount at one time, then don’t come back to it for a while.

And besides, I have to write at intervals. For the first time in a while, I actually have numerous projects all happening simultaneously, on both the writing and editing front.

Any viewers out there in China, Greenland, Africa?

I like looking at the map that shows where all the viewers of my website are from. There are tons in North America and most of the countries in Europe, as well as a smattering of countries throughout Asia. But I’m saddened not to have received a single view from China or Africa. Greenland I get – there just aren’t all that many people there. But there are these huge swaths of territory that aren’t filled in with colors. So if you’re in China, Africa, or Greenland (or anywhere else), come see my site!

Urban Fantasy Novel at 32,000 Words + Other Stuff

I know there are a lot of people out there that write fiction faster than I do. In general, I consider myself a fairly fast writer, but my full-time job is as an editor in educational publishing, so I can only write when I’m not doing that. At the moment, I’m averaging 3,000-7,000 words of fiction a week. I know the novel will get done eventually. I’ve written some scenes that I think have incredible potential, though just about everything needs one of those awesome baking-soda-mint blasting machines orthodontists and dentists use to polish your teeth.

In other news, working on some things I can’t talk about right now for a couple of things for a couple of different companies. I can say that they are RPG related, one in the general sphere of D&D and the other somewhat more system independent. My Foreshadows Novelette – “Destroy.Consume.Erase.” – should be any imminently (wink, nudge, push, Jeff LaSala).

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