205926017_10158358728516376_4281073704209293243_nEytan Bernstein grew up in suburban Long Island but has since traveled extensively both to real and imagined places. Eytan never thought anyone would pay him to make things up or to help other people make things up, but they have. It’s kind of awesome.

After years of work in educational publishing and technology, Eytan is finally working full time writing and editing. He’s the Editorial Director at Petersen Games. He also does

Eytan has written or edited somewhere around 75 books (both print and digital) for many companies and about the same number of articles.

Eytan’s first fiction came out recently and no one will ever be able to shut him up again. You’ve been warned. His novella, “Roger That Team Rusty” came out on Kindle in 2020 and will be available in print from Nisaba Press in 2021. He has also written three stories for Queer Sci Fi’s fiction anthologies.

If you want Eytan to write, edit, or develop something, be it a game (RPG, video, card, board, or something heretofore undiscovered), a short story, a book, or even a song, please send him a message via the contact page or on any of the social media links on the social media page.

In his spare time, Eytan enjoys travel, museums, history, playing with his dog Hiro, RPG gaming, and cooking (or trying to). He has more several thousand books, an addiction to buying lamps, and not enough space for everything.

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  1. Shane says:

    When will your book be out, sounds like a good read!

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